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Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh ( Magnalium Wire Mesh )

Features of aluminum alloy wire mesh insect screening:
A variety of colors available,high fastness even at 120°C,excellent acid and alkali resistance,corrosion resistance,good tenacity and intensity,widely used in room ornament,insect resistance,windows and doors of buildings.signal receiving etc.
specs: window screening is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from bugging you.the specifications include

18x18mesh,18x14mesh;and the wire diameter generally is BWG31 or BWG 32, the width 1.5'to 5.3' length is according to customers needed,we can make 300m.


lock band(USA standard) --- FH-1035 Common band--- FH-1036
FH-1037 FH-1038
Specification of Aluminum Alloy Wire Mesh
SWG Wire Diameter(mm) Mesh
16 1.626 2X2
18 1.219 4X4
21 0.813 6X6
24 0.559 10X10
25 0.508 8X8
27 0.417 14X10
28 0.376 16X16
32 0.274 28X28